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The Master of Commerce general program provides the opportunity to design an individual program to suit particular needs. A variety of courses from different disciplines can be included, with a view to broadening business knowledge and skills.

University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes

The University of Adelaide is a research-intensive university that seeks to develop graduates of international distinction by providing high quality education. The University defines the philosophy underpinning its teaching programs through the Graduate Attributes. These describe the qualities, knowledge and capabilities that students are encouraged to take responsibility for developing throughout their studies at the University. The Graduate Attributes are not a list of skills to be mastered; rather, they encapsulate for both students and the wider community the defining characteristics of a student's university degree program(s), and describe a set of characteristics that are designed to be transferable beyond the particular disciplinary context in which they have been developed. While Graduate Attributes are fostered in the context of the curriculum, they are also developed within the total university experience as they encourage students to reflect on the broader purpose of their university education.

The University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes are:

1. Deep discipline knowledge

informed and infused by cutting edge research, scaffolded throughout their program of studies

acquired from personal interaction with research active educators, from year 1

accredited or validated against national or international standards (for relevant programs)

2. Critical thinking and problem solving

steeped in research methods and rigor

based on empirical evidence and the scientific approach to knowledge development

demonstrated through appropriate and relevant assessment

3. Teamwork and communication skills

developed from, with, and via the SGDE

honed through assessment and practice throughout the program of studies

encouraged and valued in all aspects of learning

4. Career and leadership readiness

technology savvy

professional and, where relevant, fully accredited

forward thinking and well informed

tested and validated by work based experiences

5. Intercultural and ethical competency

adept at operating in other cultures

comfortable with different nationalities and social contexts

Able to determine and contribute to desirable social outcomes

Demonstrated by study abroad or with an understanding of indigenous knowledges

6. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

A capacity for self-reflection and a willingness to engage in self-appraisal

Open to objective and constructive feedback from supervisors and peers

Able to negotiate difficult social situations, diffuse conflict and engage positively in purposeful debate

Career Options

Positions may include accountant, administrative assistant, lecturer, market researcher, marketer/marketing manager, auditor, banker, business analyst, business consultant, business data analyst, education coordinator, natural resource manager, business lawyer, natural resource planner, curator, police officer, political advisor, politician, or project officer.

Roles may also be found in the areas of agricultural marketing, food and wine, wine advertising/promotion, or parks management.


Students complete core courses which include four foundation courses and six commerce courses. The remaining two courses will be chosen from a number of electives, depending on the student's main specialisation.


Foundation courses

Four courses (12 units) chosen from:

ECON 7200: Economic Principles (M)

CORPFIN 7005: Principles of Finance (M)

COMMERCE 7033: Quantitative Methods (M)

ACCTING 7019: Accounting Concepts and Methods (M)

MARKETNG 7005: Fundamentals of Marketing (M)

COMMGMT 7001: Business Communication (M) -> Unless Exempt - All International Students are required to take Business Communications (in lieu of one general elective)

Elective courses

Eight courses (24 units):

Chosen from the list of courses available in the various discipline streams

(Enrolment in some courses will be restricted by prerequisites)







Coursework programs commencing in Semester 2 – July

1 May

Coursework programs commencing in Semester 1 - February 2016

1 December


32,500澳币 /学年



The Adelaide Business School (阿德莱德商学院)is recognised as a leader in Education & Research.The University of Adelaide is consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.


阿德莱德大学为学生开创了自由开放的学术氛围,提倡个体发展,鼓励师生互动。作为一所拥有卓越声誉的学校,学校鼓励每个学生每天都能挑战自我,扩展思路,以期获得超越前人的不同凡响的成就。同时,阿德莱德大学与行业联系紧密,全力培养与时俱进的人才。阿德莱德大学时刻与行业的最新发展保持紧密联系。学生可以自由选择通过学校多个职业支持部门选择实习、岗位领导力训练等等来提前进入行业,感受和锻炼职业发展所需的技能。阿德莱德大学的宗旨是“your future is our business”,学生未来职业发展与学校息息相关。






1、商学硕士 master of commerce

2、国际贸易硕士 master of international business

3、职业会计硕士 master of professional accounting 澳洲会计师协会CPA和澳洲特许会计师协会ICAA认证

4、应用金融学硕士 master of applied finance 主要课程获美国特许金融分析师协会CFA认证

5、市场营销硕士 master of commerce(marketing),部分课程获得澳洲营销协会AMI认证

6、会计和金融硕士 master of accounting and finance 澳洲会计师协会CPA和澳洲特许会计师协会ICAA认证

7、会计和市场营销硕士 master of accounting and marketing 部分课程获得澳洲营销协会AMI认证

8、金融和经济硕士 master of finance and business economics

9、工商管理硕士 master of business administration


1、应用经济学硕士 Master of Applied Economics

2、经济学硕士Master of Economics

3、应用经济学硕士(公共政策方向)Master of Applied Economics (Public Policy)

4、应用经济学硕士(国际方向)Master of Applied Economics (International)


阿德莱德大学The University of Adelaide)创建于1874年,是澳大利亚历史第三所大学,也一直位居澳洲顶尖大学之列。截至2008年,阿德莱德大学曾培养出5个诺贝尔奖和108个罗德奖的获得者。阿德莱德大学现有25000多名学生,国际生比例为27%,分别就读于“北特里斯”、“罗斯沃斯”、“怀特”和“费巴顿”四个校区。阿德莱德大学把传统的优势和现代艺术特色及丰富的学生生活相结合,是澳大利亚政府对大学生综合测评后推举的最优秀的四所大学之一。阿德莱德大学还拥有澳大利亚最大的图书馆。学校荣誉方面,阿德莱德大学作为澳洲八所名校之一,连续多年获得澳洲《优秀大学指南》的最高评级5星级,为澳洲酿酒业培养了许多高级商业和市场营销人才。在全球高校网国家高校排名中,阿德莱德大学排名第112010-2011泰晤士报高等教育的QS排名中,阿德莱德大学位列澳洲第4名,世界排名第73,2011年美国《美国新闻和世界报道》(USNWR)将阿德莱德大学排在第81名。



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