My heart is in the work

指南者教育 2015-02-03 11:20:48

“My heart is in the work” – the first words came into my ears when I began to know Carnegie Mellon University, but took me the whole master program to ultimately understand the message they contain. A typical engineering school located at a campus of modest size and landscapes, CMU yet enjoys a dense atmosphere of academia. It is known to all that the academic requirements are unusually demanding, as indicated in the common scenes that the undergraduates and graduates are doing the assignment while have meals, and catching their tight school schedules between classes. As seen from above, CMU welcomes the young people from the whole world who are hard-working, motivated and passionate about academics.

CMU has a variety of academic departments, including the most reputable ones – cognitive psychology, studies of management and public relations, writing and rhetoric, applied history, philosophy and biological science. CMU’s computer science, robot science, science, art and industrial management are all ranked as the top class majors in the United States, among which the computer science department has been renowned as the best in this field. As the undoubtedly No.1 in soft engineering field of the United States, CMU has become the world leader in designing and developing the international standard for software engineering - Capability Maturity Model for Software, with new versions launched ever since to constitute the latest standard in the software business.

During the 18-month master program, except the breaks and holidays, after class I spent basically the rest of my time at the library, where I could meet a lot of friends and communicate with them freely. That is also what the professors encourage us to do. The many projects that I have ever participated in not only sharpened my understanding of my major, but also allowed me to feel extensively the passion and dedication of my fellow of the United States to academics, something that I look up to indeed.

In CMU, all the students can determine what courses they would like to take, an absolute freedom that endows the students to plan for their own studies. Before selecting the courses, all the students could audit a few classes to their interest and consult their upperclassmen for advice. Everyone has the entitlement to switch the courses within two weeks upon opening of the courses, and additionally retain the liberty to audit any other course. The better part is that CMU encourages its students to study a second major or even the inter-disciplinary classes. A lot of students who take the courses from other academic field end by finding very good jobs in that field.

Specifically, those ones who are enthusiastic about MBA courses would be benefited the most – they are free to take the MBA classes from Tepper School of Business of CMU.

In a word, if you are a person loving challenges, then CMU would be your best choice!